Our Team

We deliver outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to three underlying principles:

Professionalism, Responsiveness & Quality.

We have worked in many industries observing the cause and effect of owning a small business and why it is important to have a strong understanding of your financial statements. Our team has a passion to help other entrepreneurs achieve their passions and goals by eliminating the stress of bookkeeping details so you can free up more of your time to spend with family and friends.

The Moose Creek Team

Carissa Esquibel

Owner- Bookkeeping Professional/Account Manager

My name is Carissa Esquibel, owner and bookkeeping professional. I am not just a bookkeeper, but a trusted advisor that has your best interest in mind. I have a passion for helping owners manage and grow their business. After 15 years of working behind the scenes, I wanted to help alleviate the stress of bookkeeping for small business owners across the country. I specialize in not only taking care of your books, but most importantly, helping you understand the health of your business. I am a Colorado native now living in the PNW where I enjoy spending time with family enjoying the outdoors, tending to my vegetable and flower garden and fishing.

Amber Esquibel

Owner- Bookkeeping Professional/Account Manager

My name is Amber Esquibel, owner and bookkeeping professional! I have a passion for making connections with other business owners and believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success. Living in the PNW I enjoy hiking with our White Siberian Husky Nova, traveling and time with family!

Alexandria Becker

Bookkeeping Professional

My name is Alex, Bookkeeping Professional for Moose Creek Bookkeeping! Mathematics has always been my strong suit growing up, and when I hit college, obtaining my accounting degree was the way to go. I have been doing bookkeeping/working in the accounting environment for 5 years professionally. Being a Bookkeeping Professional with Moose Creek is truly my work home with an amazing team where we all strive to take care of business accurately and efficiently! This is our passion! I am always learning and growing with each awesome client we get to work with. Some of my hobbies outside of work include spending time with my family & animals, fishing, gardening, bowling and I love holidays!

Paula Giachelli

Senior Bookkeeping Professional

My name is Paula, Bookkeeping Professional for Moose Creek Bookkeeping! I got into bookkeeping by working for my dad’s boss at the age of 15 just answering the phones on Saturdays. I worked during school until I became full time at 22 when our office manager quit and I took over all of the bookkeeping and office duties. The business has grown throughout the years and I’ve had the opportunity to work on many types of partnerships, corporations, and have been responsible for all of the accounts payable and payroll since the age of 22. I love bookkeeping, it’s satisfying to me to get things accomplished and help our business know where we are financially, and I’m looking forward to helping other small business owners. I love to be organized and that’s a huge thing for me! To me, organization equals efficiency and a business runs better when it’s organized and in turn is efficiently run. I love my two fur babies so much and they are like my kids! I also love traveling and have been fortunate to travel the world. Spending time with family and friends and relaxing with them and a good meal is also one of my favorite things!

Caitlin Williams

Bookkeeping Professional

My name is Caitlin Williams, bookkeeping professional for Moose Creek Bookkeeping. With more than 10 years of remote bookkeeping experience, I jumped on the opportunity to work with the incredible team at Moose Creek. I take pride in handling bookkeeping tasks so business owners can spend less time handling their financials and more time doing the things they love- like growing their business, having more family time, or simply more “Me” time. I am a North Carolina native now living in southwest Montana where I spend most of my time exploring with my husband, four children and Great Dane. 


Becky Cunningham

Bookkeeping Professional

My name is Becky, Bookkeeping Professional for Moose Creek Bookkeeping! Bookkeeping is like a puzzle for me. I love being able to take tasks and create a final product that is easy to understand and nicely presented. I took my passion for numbers and turned it into a career in 2015 when I graduated from The University of Hawaii with my master’s degree in accountancy. I now live in Northeast Alabama and love hanging out with my 8 Nieces and Nephews. In my free time I serve at my Church and participate in Virtual Walking Challenges.